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What Jobs Can I Get With an MBA in Hospitality and Event Tourism Management?

According to Statista, the hospitality industry is booming, with a worth of $4.7 trillion in 2023 and an expected worth of $5.8 trillion by 2027. If you’re interested in growing your career in the leisure and hospitality industry, the projected job growth in the U.S. is promising.

Graduates of a program like the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Hospitality and Event Tourism Management from Arkansas State University (A-State) aren’t limited to just working in hotels. In fact, there are many jobs available to professionals with this degree, such as restaurant manager, resort manager, cruise ship director, travel agency manager, business development manager, director of hotel operations and hospitality manager. Note that the salary information provided below is from August 2023 and can change depending on experience, education, skill level and location.

Restaurant Manager

To be a restaurant manager, employers require previous restaurant experience and prefer management experience. The central role of a restaurant manager is to oversee daily restaurant operations to ensure efficiency. Common supervisory responsibilities include:

  • Hiring and training restaurant staff
  • Disciplining or terminating employees when necessary
  • Scheduling and conducting performance evaluations for all staff
  • Creating and managing staff schedules, including time off requests

The average pay for a restaurant manager varies greatly, between $21.63 to $30.05 per hour, with an average of $26.08.

Resort Manager

The resort manager role is unique because they’re in charge of providing impeccable services to clientele as well as making sure staff complete their jobs adequately. Zippia gives the following examples of resort manager responsibilities:

  • Setting goals and daily objectives
  • Establishing budgets and schedules
  • Addressing guest concerns and issues
  • Leading and encouraging staff to reach goals
  • Liaising with external partners such as vendors and suppliers

The average annual salary for a resort manager in the U.S. is $49,335.

Cruise Ship Director

If you enjoy being out on the open water, a cruise ship director role could be perfect. Cruise ship directors typically need a degree in hospitality and significant experience organizing large events and groups of people. Common responsibilities include:

  • Being “the face” of the cruise ship company
  • Thinking of onboard social events and entertainment ideas
  • Organizing and directing staff members that are in charge of entertainment

ZipRecruiter reports the annual average salary for a cruise ship director as $88,119, with the majority falling between $61,500 to $110,500.

Business Development Manager

To become a business development manager, employers often expect you to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, accounting or other related fields. Earning an MBA degree can help you stand out. As a business development manager, you’re responsible for identifying growth opportunities for a company, helping achieve organizational goals and increasing revenue. Indeed reports an average annual salary for a business development manager in the U.S. to be $83,145.

Hospitality Manager

A hospitality manager can work in restaurants, hotels or other hospitality businesses. This role includes responsibilities that impact clientele and staff, such as:

  • Managing the budget
  • Monitoring occupancy rates and revenue per room
  • Overseeing employee performance, including training new employees
  • Ensuring marketing campaigns align with business strategy and brand guidelines

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for hospitality managers in 2023 is $52,956.

The Power of a Versatile MBA From Arkansas State University

Professionals who earn their online MBA – Hospitality and Event Tourism Management degree are equipped with the skills to pursue a wide range of upper-level roles in this field. Students can complete this flexible program in as few as 12 months with minimal interruption to daily life.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s online MBA – Hospitality & Event Tourism Management program.

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