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The Financial Benefits of Having a Bachelor’s Degree

People go to college for many different reasons, but many people do so to earn more money when they graduate. Historically, people with college degrees have earned more than their peers with little or no higher education, and that trend continues today.

When it comes to a paycheck, having a degree matters, but so does the type of degree. An interdisciplinary studies degree, for example, covers a wide range of subjects, preparing graduates for many career paths while ensuring a livable wage. But how much more money can that lead to?

The Financial Difference a Degree Makes

When it comes to unemployment, those with degrees suffer less than others. In May of 2014, 25-year-olds who had their high school diplomas but no college had an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent. Their peers with undergraduate degrees, on the other hand, had nearly half the unemployment rate at 3.2 percent.

Over time, the wage gap between those with degrees and those without expands. Looking at workers aged 25 to 32 in 1979, those with degrees earned over $9,500 more annually. Jump to 2012 and that gap hit $17,500. While there are costs associated with earning a degree, later earnings can cover those costs and then some.

A New Way to Earn a Degree

The traditional college classroom may not appeal to or be an option for everyone. New programs like an online bachelor’s degree program enable motivated students to earn their degrees on their own time while they continue to work. Additionally, since students access all online coursework remotely, they can relocate if they need to without interrupting their studies.

For those who are not entirely sure which career they want to pursue, an interdisciplinary studies degree offers a well-rounded education that gives students many options once they graduate. With a collection of basic courses and a customizable degree plan, programs like the one available at Arkansas State University prepare students for financially rewarding careers.

The costs of a university education can be intimidating; however, the numbers do not lie. A college degree is a solid financial investment that can help graduates earn much more than their peers without degrees.

With online courses and flexible programs like an interdisciplinary studies degree program, a college degree is more attainable than ever before. Skipping this opportunity, however, is something no one can afford.

Learn more about the Arkansas State online BS in Interdisciplinary Studies program.


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