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Student Success Stories

Astate Russell Stokes, MSE Educational Leadership testimonial

“I think the thought is that online sort of divorces you from a community of learners—it doesn't. You just connect with them in different ways."-Russell Stokes, MSE Educational Leadership  Read More

Astate Isaac White, MPA Public Management testimonial

“After being in the Army, I knew that public service was something I wanted to pursue."-Isaac White, MPA Public Management Read More

Astate Jeff Crow, MPA Public Management testimonial

“What I really like about the program is that practically every class I took, every assignment I had, was applicable to what I did every day. As a lifelong public servant, I felt like a public administration degree was a perfect fit for what I wanted to study. Everything I learned has benefited me to be more effective in this setting."-Jeff Crow, MPA Public Management Read More

Astate Alberto Banuelos, MPA Public Management testimonial

“The support I received was top-notch. The first time I sent an email to a professor and got a response back within the time frame they said they would reply, that just made me feel comfortable." -Alberto Banuelos, MPA Public Management Read More


"The strategies I learned in this course have already had an impact on my students."

"I can honestly tell you that the strategies I learned in this course already had an impact on my students when I implemented them in the classroom. In fact, my administrators have been in and witnessed the marvelous tools I learned in my A-State classes."

– Fran Bailey

"The classes were challenging."

"The classes were challenging and they made you really think and reflect on what you did in the classroom, but the participation in the program made it easier than going to school and having to be there at night or having to commute."

– Angela Johns

"A repertoire of different ways to teach."

"Courses that we took gave us an opportunity to teach to both our lower and upper students. Our professor gave us a repertoire of different ways to teach the same material. It allowed us the flexibility to take what we've learned in the classes and apply it to our students."

– Denise Swinney

"The one thing I really like about this master's program is the courses."

"The one thing I really like about this master's program is the courses that you take. This program has really allowed me the opportunities not only to work on my gifted students but also my special education students. I've learned many skills. I've learned many strategies and I can incorporate them into my classroom."

– Brooke Honeycutt

"You can watch the professors as much as you want."

"You can watch the professors as much as you want via their video-recorded lectures. You can print up the notes beforehand and highlight key items. It was just excellent. I could sit down at three in the morning or get up first thing on a Saturday and dive into the week's lecture. It's whatever time schedule benefits you."

– Kimberly Stevens

"The professors gave us enough information."

"The professors gave us enough information at the beginning of every class so we could locate the resources we would need for each assignment."

– Michelle Staton

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