Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Complete Coursework: As little as 18 months* Credit Hours: 36 Tuition: $270 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to enhance the careers of law enforcement, public sector and non-profit professionals in order to achieve management-, director- or executive-level positions within their chosen fields. The degree offers courses that focus on the skills required for effective public management, from managing people, money, resources and programs to safeguarding the public interest and addressing environmental and social concerns.

Arkansas State University's MPA program was specifically tailored for those who want to make a difference in their communities to develop the skills needed to address the complex and shifting dynamics of local and state government. All courses are taught by committed and professional faculty members and combine real world experience and academic expertise.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that state and local entities (except education and health) will boost their managerial, business and financial staffs by 10.2 percent through 2018. Be ready to be part of that increase!

Within the MPA, students will focus on areas of learning including:

  • Developing dispositions, knowledge, and skills for rigorous problem analysis and successful collaboration leading to comprehensive solutions
  • Building communities and social infrastructures through the use of clear communication and ethical and effective management techniques
  • Integrating theory and practice through authentic, performance-based field activities

Created by working professionals seeking to give back to their community, the Arkansas State University MPA program is fully accredited through the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administrations (NASPAA).

Students are required to complete 36 hours of coursework. Courses are tightly integrated and focused on application-based curriculum. This program can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Understanding the Value of a MPA

MPA Internship Guide (.PDF)

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MPA Prerequisite Course Schedule (.PDF)

Degree Check Sheet (.PDF)

MPA Guide 2014 Online Edition (.PDF)

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*In order to complete in 18 months, two courses must be taken each start and must begin program in the first session of the semester.

Course Listing

POSC 2103
Introduction to U.S. Government
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $648.00
American politics. The constitution, government, and politics of the United States.
ECON 2333
Economic Issues and Concepts
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $648.00
Designed to give the student a basic understanding of our economic system. Basic economic concepts will be explored and contemporary economic problems and issues will be examined in light of the concepts learned.
MPA Courses
POSC 6003
Techniques of Political and Public Administration Research
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
Develops a working knowledge of the substance of contemporary research in political science and public administration and of alternative research strategies and techniques of data analysis in contemporary research.
POSC 6533
Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
Provides a theoretical and technical framework for understanding the fundamentals of policy analysis and evaluation.
POSC 6543
Administrative Behavior
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
An examination of administrative structures and patterns of behavior in public sector organizations.
POSC 6553
Public Budgeting and Finance
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
A study of political processes and administrative methods associated with governmental revenues, expenditures, and fiscal control of public organizations.
POSC 6563
Seminar in Public Administration
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
An examination of the development of public administration as a profession; its history, political environment, ethics, and its method.
POSC 6573
Grant Writing and Administration
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
Emphasis is placed on a step-by-step process through all stages of writing successful proposals and on providing technical expertise and knowledge through campus outreach efforts of faculty and students to strengthen the nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations that serve the local communities.
POSC 6593
Seminar in Human Resources Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
An examination of policies, procedures, strategies, laws and regulations implemented in human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations.
POSC 6613
Administrative Leadership
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
A study of the techniques and practices that successful managers employ to get their work done through politicians, subordinates, and citizens. Emphasis is placed on issues that are faced by first time managers.
POSC 6623
Administrative Ethics
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
An analysis of the theoretical, philosophical, and practical tools needed for making appropriate decisions in the role of an administrator in a public or not for profit organization.
POSC 6633
Public Information Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
An analysis of how various governmental units juggle the competing demands of sound management and playing politics when devising communication strategies with emphasis placed on crisis management and how information is marketed for maximum impact.
End of Program

Students may choose 6 hours from the following courses in the combinations outlined below.

Course Route: POSC 6643 Non-Profit Management and POSC 6653 MPA Capstone Experience
Internship Route: POSC 6603 Internship in Public Administration and POSC 6653 MPA Capstone Experience
Thesis Route: POSC 6656 Thesis in Public Administration

POSC 6643
Non-Profit Management
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
Overview of both the practical and theoretical principles utilized in leading nonprofit organizations. Specific attention given to the use engaging techniques to examine the areas of managing people, finance, technology, fundraising, marketing, and board/volunteer development from the nonprofit perspective.
POSC 6653
MPA Capstone Experience
Duration: 7 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3  |  $810.00
Designed for students to construct a professional portfolio to showcase, in a single document, the skills, competencies, and knowledge they have developed over their time in the MPA program.

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